Listen to the daily editorial from one of Australia's pre-eminent radio personalities Gary Munt. Gary's no holds barred approach has kept him at the top of his profession for over a decade. 

When Gary speaks people listen, whether they want to or not. 

The original and the first.  The Simpleton Podcast. Simplicity is the only way your two hosts Daniel James and Scotty G know how, anything more would give them both a headache.

My name is Dale. E. Richardson and I have seen things you wouldn’t believe. My life’s work has taken me to all corners of the globe. I have had face-to-face experience with UFOs, aliens, creatures of legend and have performed countless exorcisms, both with and without Vatican approval.

I am here to tell you such phenomena exist in our time and should be treated with discernment and veracity on behalf of human kind. There is one man who’s sole purpose is to investigate the vortex between the natural and supernatural. There is one. It’s me, Dale. E. Richardson.