Jesper Hansen Proof of Life

As promised in Episode 5 -Jesper from "Denmark", if Jesper Hansen contacted the Simpleton, we agreed that we would post a copy of the image and email of Jesper holding a copy of the Copenhagen Post. Well here it is. This may require further investigation.

Watch this space people, watch this space...

Jesper Hansen (and mrs) proving existenceScot and Daniel, 

Once again, loved your podcast, and I was seriously close to tears that I was the subject of the first part of your show, although I felt a twang of pain when you seemed to doubt that I could be a genuine fan of your show. To prove that it really is me, I have attached a picture of me with today's copy of the Copenhagen post as you asked. See attached photo as requested.
Looking forward to the next episode, but I would love it if you could both acknowledge that your old pal Jesper is a genuine fan of the show.